Lamborghini Images


Early in his career Ferruccio Lamborghini tractors produced, however, he loved to ride on the Maserati and Ferrari. And once the tractor business guru pointed out that his sports car worth almost the same grip as the tractor, but less reliable. Then he went to Enzo Ferrari himself and said that it would be necessary to alter it, and he knows how. On the outcome of this meeting, the press more than once wrote, referring to the story of the son of Ferruccio. In short: Enzo Ferrari, after hearing the claim, Lamborghini asked not to go with their advice, for tractors rivet - it will not sculpt sports cars. As a result, overconfidence Enzo spawned bitter rivals, what today are brand Lamborghini and Ferrari. I must say that since the conflict between Enzo and Lamborghini gasoline flowed a lot, but Ferrari employees today are distinguished by their temper and arrogance, while Lamborghini operate quieter and loyal professionals. We have such information, backed by real facts. And look at this man. Quiet, joyful and without a bit of selfishness. But in a car named after him. This is not some one immovable monument is as much as 250 monuments on wheels - this circulation model Lamborghini Gallardo Balboni Edition.

Each of the instances - the fruit of almost jeweler test driver Balboni, who during his lifetime hired by Ferruccio Lamborghini himself. However, as required by law in Italy, after 40 years of work in the enterprise, maestro test work was sent to the well-deserved retirement . But instead of diplomas and awards leadership brand, part of Volkswagen AG, Balboni allowed to play farewell chord. And was born 550-strong Lamborghini with specific handling and special traits. Despite almost identical to conventional Gallardo looks, it has more of Countach or Diablo, and only then from Gallardo. This is reflected in the rear wheel drive and overall drivability. Staying in it, you feel as if you sit on a leather seat in the midst of the ladle forest glade. It seems everything is harmonious and nothing irritates, but the instrument panel and center console - as if out of the woods. More precisely, Volkswagen and Audi models. And the monitor, which displays a picture with a rearview camera, also not possess novelty.

In recent days, appeared on the Internet images of the receiver Lamborghini Gallardo. They look plausible, but it is worth to be cautious in their expectations, since it is possible that in front of us just good visualization of independent designers.

Another Italian supercar company, is expected to get the name of Lamborghini Huracan LP 610-4. At the moment, very little about him information that has not yet official, but still that is already on the orient . Under the hood is probably located 5.2-liter V10, which is already familiar from the previous models. But it is expected to increase in power up to 600 hp (447 kW), which will be distributed between the two axles via the 7-speed transmission with double clutch.

I want to reiterate that all this is still unofficially. So you should leave the option that images or characteristics as a result may not coincide with the real car.